cover work for 24th Jan. 2017

Please can you write up your practical on ‘Pollen tube growth’ thank you! For next week: please can you plan a 10 minute presentation on ‘plant fertilisation’ for Wednesday! thanks, Ms W

Pollen Tube Growth Practical

This is the link to the pollen tube practical you did in class. Please do look up videos of what you would expect to see if the pollen tube grows out from the pollen sex cell. video: pollen tube growth Plant ferlisation tutorial here by Bozeman...

cover work for year 12 lesson Wed. 7th Dec.

Dear all, I am unable to attend our lesson however will be there at the start to give you your lab books. You must complete both graphs (from the data sheets provided) and then analyse them (look for patterns and trends and relate them back to the SCIENCE). There is...

Fluid Mosaic Model: lesson cover work   please read through and make a poster or powerpoint describing the fluid mosaic model and how cell membranes work. I will see you period 3! thanks, Ms...

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