Year 11 homework

Go on the internet or go to the library and research ‘Reaction times’ – what do we mean by this and why are they important for example in driving a car. What can EFFECT Reaction times? Due: Next Wed. 19th Oct. thanks, Ms...

Year 11 Homework

Research a practical lesson discovering the organs in a leaf. It can be one that happens over time or could be carried out in one lesson. Keywords: Leaf, Phloem, Xylem, vascular bundle, photosynthesis, Factors affecting rate of photosynthesis.  

Food Growing meeting!

Food Growing Schools Lambeth Forum Food Growing Schools: London are inviting schools in Lambeth interested in food growing projects, to a ‘Forum’ at Rosendale Primary School, SE21 8LR on Wednesday 20th April at 1.30pm. These Forums are a chance to gain...

Year 11: Force, mass, acceleration homework

Design a road safety poster with a title “Keep your distance” Include definition of thinking distance, braking distance and stopping distance Include factors that affect the thinking distance and braking distance​ Due: Wed. 6th Jan. Have a great Christmas! Best, Ms...
Year 11 PPE: Topics to revise!

Year 11 PPE: Topics to revise!

BBC Bitesize Science revision checklist Biology                                                          Topic / subtopic: Revised? Keeping Healthy: Diet and exercise Defending against infection Nerves and Hormones: The...

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