Visit to Epping Forest Tomorrow and Tuesday!

Dear all, Please find attached the consent form you will need to have with you for tomorrow. You can EMAIL it to us no problem! 🙂 Please  be at school before 0745 and in outdoor clothes with lab books. Packed lunches are preferable though cash is otherwise fine as... read more

Locust Dissection!

Here are some good resources to look at: Background to insect gaseous exchange Great school dissection here: Rather long but interesting dissection lecture: Please write up your... read more

REMINDER: Year 12 Revision session

Hi all, please be reminded that we have Mr Bradstreet (of many, many years of successful teaching of our beloved A Level course!) doing Year 12 revision sessions on Mondays after school. 3.30PM in room 104. I expect you all to attend unless you have told me otherwise... read more

Pollen Tube Growth Practical

This is the link to the pollen tube practical you did in class. Please do look up videos of what you would expect to see if the pollen tube grows out from the pollen sex cell. video: pollen tube growth Plant ferlisation tutorial here by Bozeman... read more

cover work for year 12 lesson Wed. 7th Dec.

Dear all, I am unable to attend our lesson however will be there at the start to give you your lab books. You must complete both graphs (from the data sheets provided) and then analyse them (look for patterns and trends and relate them back to the SCIENCE). There is... read more

Year 11 homework

Go on the internet or go to the library and research ‘Reaction times’ – what do we mean by this and why are they important for example in driving a car. What can EFFECT Reaction times? Due: Next Wed. 19th Oct. thanks, Ms... read more

Year 11 Homework

Research a practical lesson discovering the organs in a leaf. It can be one that happens over time or could be carried out in one lesson. Keywords: Leaf, Phloem, Xylem, vascular bundle, photosynthesis, Factors affecting rate of photosynthesis.   read more

Welcome to the new Year 12 cohort!

I am really looking forward to working with you all and doing lots of practicals – now called ‘Practical Wednesday’! Do try and have a go at the ‘Learning Journal’ idea – it has been proven to work! find more details about it here:... read more

Do a BADGE today!

1 more week to unlock a science badge. Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to. remember you can try something new or do something we have covered in class such as tissues and cells, microscope slides, bar graphs,... read more

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